These questions below are answered by real everyday people and are always answered. 


1. If you were rushing to your best friends birthday bash and you forgot a gift what would you do?


Answer 1.: Go back and get it because its you best bud's birthday party and its definitly worse if you arrive late without a present than with a present.


2. What if you wanted a new haircut but your friends aren't into it, so do you go get a new do or stay the same risking your social life?


Answer 2: Well, it depends how big the change is because if you are the type of person who changes gradually then its not the best choice. Also if you are over the age of 11 or 12 its okay,but still think it threw.


3. What do people like to search for on the internet?


Answer 3.: Things that can entertain you for a while, while you're bored.


4. What movie was a huge hit this year?


Answer 4.: Ok, ok we all know it was The Dark Night or... TWILIGHT, the teen addiction starring Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart!


5. Your watching your crush play soccer, bragging to your friends how good he is then all of sudden he trips and falls and breaks his ankle. What do you do?


Answer 5.: You should act concerned and worried and even run on to the field if neccesary, but don't act too worried, like he's a baby. 


 Ha Ha!

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